Poliform’s Kay Chair Starts the New Decade Right

Poliform’s Kay Chair Starts the New Decade Right

What better way to end the year—the decade, for that matter—than a slim, streamlined lounge chair upholstered in white and black speckled hide?

Poliform's Kay Chair black and white hide with matching ottoman

Poliform’s Kay Chair, designed by none other than Jean Marie-Massaud, is a definite temptation for those of Holstein persuasion, as well as for other aficionados of a classic Modern look.

Poliform's Kay Chair brushed leather with matching ottoman

On that score, Kay definitely pays homage to the famed Barcelona Chair, though to my eyes and tactile sensibility it looks a whit more comfy.

Poliform's Kay Chair slight overhead view in leather

Think of it as a Millennial updating. Simple, slim, and sublime, Kay heralds the 2020s in superlative style: “It stands out in any surroundings, from the most classic to absolute state-of-the-art.”

Poliform's Kay Chair view from overhead and behind in black and white hide

See Poliform for additional information. And check out Designer Pages Media for more from Jean-Marie Massaud.

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