Best of Summer: Chaise Longue Edition

Best of Summer: Chaise Longue Edition

Is it specter or spectre? Born or borne? Lounge or Longue? Compared with its American counterpart, British spelling will always be something of a mystery, but here’s one instance we can clear up confusion once and for all: “Chaise Longue”—the original term for furniture that supports full body relaxation—is French. Translation: “Long Chair.” The more palatable to our American ears “Chaise Lounge” rearranges letters into a word that’s easier to say. It also so happens that “lounging” is one thing you can do on a chaise longue. Understandably the “lounge” stuck. But here in the spirit of authenticity, we’ll go back to the original term for our top ten luscious, lovely, and, yes, deliciously long chairs.

Varaschin’s Emma Cross

Emma Cross lounge white cushions

Ribbon woven into supportive fabric. Detailed embrodiery. A light touch like the passage of a cool summer breeze.

Infier lounge by Kioskedia

Infier upright lounge in nook with pendant light

Is it still a chaise longue if it’s basically upright? This serpentining work of art by Iranian designer Fereshteh Haji Gholami is so interesting and innovative that we’ll give it a pass. Our verdict? very longue indeed.

Pedrali Reva Cocoon

Reva Cocoon chaise lounge rendering poolside

From visionary designer Patrick Jouin, Reva Cocoon is an exciting interplay of hard and soft, solid and slatted. Yes, the above is a rendering but it seems true to the spirit of this aqueous chaise.

Janus et Cie Fibonnaci Lounge Chair

Fibonacci lounge chair with ottoman poolside with magazines

Just like the mathematical sequence, the Fibonacci chaise builds on itself. There’s a kind of mesmerizing inevitability here that invites play, exploration, relaxation.

Tidelli Amado Double Chaise

Tidelli Amado double chaise. Two of them in peach.

C is for chaise, which is appropriate here as it’s the defining form of the Double Amado, a subtly swooping structure that integrates shade along with the natural curvature of the spine.

Tom Dixon Bird Chair with Eelgrass

Bird chair made of sustainable eelgrass beneath Tom Dixon Melt chandelier

This iconic chaise eschews petrochemicals in favor of repurposed acoustic mats from Søuld. It may look perilous, but it’s actually a perfectly balanced rocker that’s right at home as a public statement piece in vestibules, lobbies, and breakout spaces.

Paola Lenti Hiro Chaise

Hiro Chaise with circular carpets, ottomans, and decorative pottery

The aptly named Hiro is wide, spacious, and close to the ground… all the ingredients for languorous lounging. Plus, your drink is that much closer to your mouth!

Paola Lenti Shibui Bamboo

Bamboo lounge chair with cushioned matt and pillow

Turned bamboo. Water-based finish. Simple padded mat. Who knew so much could be achieved with an artful arrangement of grass-grown slats?

Skargaarden Böste Lounge

Boste lounge chairs overlooking sea

Named for a town at Sweden’s far southern tip, Böste is an homage to the classic Adirondack and a reminder that summer is fleeting indeed, especially at these latitudes. And it reflects the beauty of the surrounding topography “with soft beaches, hard rock outcrops, grass between the toes, and the edge of the pool or a spacious roof terrace in mind.”

Moooi Aldora Chaise

Moooi Aldora chaise in blue/green with fanciful wallpaper background

In another reminder that summer is fleeting, we go back indoors for our final chaise longue with Aldora, an elegant chaise that’s decadent and refined all at once. This celebrated piece by Christina Celestino is inspired and adaptable, withstanding the tests of both place and time.

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