Oh, Nuts!

Oh, Nuts!

Not such a tough nut to crack after all, Nuez—Patricia Urquiola’s recent seating concept for Andreu World—relishes the interplay of inside and out.

Andreu World Nuez Chair four chairs in different color and base styles

In fact, and just like a nut, Nuez has a rigid exterior shell with a soft succulent morsel inside, in this case, that’s the enveloping environs of comfy upholstery.

Andreu World Nuez Chair three chairs in pastel colors and different bases

While Ms. Urquiola named the chair for the ubiquitous snack food, she also describes it in Origami-esque terms as “the idea of creating a seat that folds like a sheet of paper… with injected thermoplastic housing expressed as a flexible surface that hugs the body when sitting.”

Andreu World Nuez Chair close-up of backrests of three chairs  in different colors

Indeed, the contours of Nuez fold finely around the body’s creases, giving life to the metaphor while actualizing comfy ergonomics and arresting aesthetics.

Andreu World Nuez Chair three chairs at different angles with different bases

Nuez is offered in as many iterations as there are nuts in tin cans (more, in fact). Options include table and counter heights, thermoplastic or upholstered interior, with or without arms, four base styles. And don’t even get me started on upholstery options.

Andreu World Nuez Chair three counter-height chairs with different upholstery and bases

The picture that begins to emerge is of superlative seating customized to your preferences and whims. See Andreu World to find your favorite.

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