Kirei’s New Horizons EchoPanel line

Kirei’s New Horizons EchoPanel line

Manufacturer Kirei adds to their existing EchoPanel line of acoustic products with New Horizons, “future-forward EchoPanel products that put healthier spaces in a fresh perspective.”

EchoPanel line Echo Edge purple

There’s a lot to love here. New Horizons consists of five different panel styles, each offering superior sound damping performance, enhanced aesthetics, and wise resource use.

EchoPanel line echo edge notches blue

The panels are made of 100% PET plastic, widely considered among the healthiest of plastics and renowned for the ease with which they’re recycled. Many PET products began their life as plastic bottles and then moved on to a reincarnation of sorts as long-lasting materials that—first and foremost—retain the embodied energy of production by not being disposed of in a landfill.

EchoPanel line echo emboss conference orange

The entire New Horizons line—consisting of EchoEdge, EchoLine 45, EchoLine Subway, EchoEmboss, and EchoTile Ascent—offers these sustainable attributes, as they provide a multi-tiered solution to poor sound quality. As Industrial Designer and Curator Michael DiTullo says, “Kirei is proof that good design is simultaneously functional, beautiful, and sustainable.”

EchoPanel line subway detail gray

See Kirei to find out more. And go to Designer Pages Media for additional acoustical solutions.

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