Shhhh… It’s Susu

Shhhh… It’s Susu

Darran’s Susu, NeoCon silver-award winner, is a family of occasional tables whose very name has a pacifying effect.

Susu line in different colored tops and different sizes

Susu’s onomatopoeia is complemented by its literal meaning. A multi-purpose term and gender-neutral name, “Susu” is Chinese for “simple”—a concept these tables embody.

Susu collection viewed from above

With an elegant architecture and formal precision, Susu reminds us of how a familiar concept can evoke unexpected delight, especially when rendered with care.

Susu small side table front view

And Susu is surprisingly innovative. The tables incorporate recycled PET, which not only makes effective use of resources, but also helps dampen sound: “the tables can mitigate the need for extensive additional baffling or wall-hung sound absorption elements.”

Tables and lounge chairs with plaster wall background

How nice to keep sound attenuation within arm’s length, so to speak.

Tables Collection

Susu’s frame is fabricated steel, which may be painted in a choice of 13 powder-coat colors. The wood tops and knuckles are available in many tones, in both veneer and laminate. The wood and laminate inserts are cradled in a protective PET shell. Read more at Darran. And if you like creative, nesting surfaces, check out 3rings for the Duo Table.

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