Perforated Metal Panels by Accurate Perforating

Perforated Metal Panels by Accurate Perforating

Who knew that perforated metal could be a veritable science?

Perforated metal panels in open stairwell

Manufacturer Accurate Perforating banks their business on just that. The company designs and manufacturers perforated metal panels, “with a broad range of capabilities including AutoCAD design, forming, notching, and finishing.”

Accurate Perforating panels on ceiling

The panels are used for ceilings, seating, railings, stair treads, column covers, privacy screens, and more. Perforated metal is especially useful for applications that contain moving parts or require ventilation, such as conveyor belts or sterilization racks used in food production or to shield electronics.

Accurate Perforating panels in baggage carousel at JFK airport

They’re also ideal for custom applications, such as the American Airlines terminal at JFK Airport (pictured above and below), a project that required Accurate Perforating to deliver 170,000 square feet of perfectly-fitting, precision-painted panels in a mere 90 days.

JFK airport perforated metal ceiling panels in terminal

Beyond conforming to demanding functional requirements, Accurate Perforating’s panels offer a great variety of aesthetic appeal and customized options: from designs (precision laser cutting with over 2,000 tooling patterns) to materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and iron), to finishing options that achieve exact color matching.

Accurate Perforating building facade in red
detail of notched, perforated metal panel

Read more about the many amazing applications of perforated metal at Accurate Perforating. And see more architectural panels at Designer Pages Media.

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