New Styles for 3from Elements’ Profile Collection

New Styles for 3from Elements’ Profile Collection

An extension of 3form, the materials wizards who brought us the beautiful and innovative Varia Resin, 3form Elements is the company’s workplace brand, offering glass markerboards, acoustic products, dimensional walls, and space dividers, including the versatile Profile collection.

Profiles fluted designs in brown on wall with chair

Profile is a CNC-machined, three-dimensional product made of MDF, wood, or 3form’s Chroma resin. With maximum thermo-forming capabilities, Profile is available as tiles or tall panels, to “transform walls into unlimited expressions of creativity.”

Profile in gray with two different depths/widths on reception station and wall behind it

Profile offers designers a vast array of options, with 38 patterns to choose from including the five newest additions: Cord, Crimp, Groove, Ruffle, and Rumble.

Profile detail in brown with  partial view of table in front

The names surely roll off the tongue. But saying them isn’t half as tantalizing as experiencing the texture of these fabulously fluted designs. Modeled after a venerated motif of classical architecture, the new profile styles feature linear patterns with subtle differences in width and depth, “resembling everything from tight pinstripes to grand pillars.”

3form Elements panel on wall with table and chair in front

Like all styles in the Profile line, the new additions are available in 30 Merino felt colorways and 37 standard finishes. Sized at 44″ x 96″, the panels are appropriate for a wide range of decorative, acoustical, and space-division applications.

Learn more at 3form Elements.

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