The Exquisitely Fine-Tuned Keglen Pendant

The Exquisitely Fine-Tuned Keglen Pendant

BIG is Bjarke Ingels Group; BIG Ideas is BIG’s product development division; and the Keglen Pendant is BIG Ideas’ contribution to Louis Poulsen’s 2020 lighting line.

Keglen Pendant single black

BIG Ideas is managed by architect Jakob Lange—one more formidable force among many contributing to the tech-forward Keglen collection, a series of different-size pendants featuring an elegant glass insert, curved and customized to the dimensions of the surrounding shade.

Jakob Lange with Keglen Pendant

Lange elaborates: “the main feature is the organically-shaped glass that sits perfectly beneath the cone as a small water droplet that’s been shaped by physics and cohesive forces in nature.”

Keglen Pendant three sizes black in living room

This view is an echo of the larger philosophy of BIG, involving an output of “information-controlled” design that’s aware of the changing patterns and parameters of culture and society. Keglen represents an evolution in its own right, of the “Tirpitz Pendant,” which was originally created by Louis Poulsen and BIG Ideas for the Tirpitz Museum in Blåvand, Denmark.

Keglen Pendant Tirpitz pendant in Tirpitz museum

The pendant offers the enticing prospect of variety and choice within the context of beautiful, functional design. The different sizes allow for dynamic installations in hospitality and corporate environments, as well as stand alone displays for more intimate settings.

Keglen Pendant white single

Keglen is available in black or white. See Louis Poulsen for further details. And go to Designer Pages Media for more Louis Poulsen lighting.

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