Buster Bulb

Buster Bulb

Bust free from typical LEDs with the Buster Bulb from Buster & Punch.

Buster Bulb cluster of crystal color in chandelier form with distress painted wall in backgroung

Eschewing the cool light of typical LEDs, the Buster Bulb offers the alternative of three colors, each illuminating the surroundings with a resin light pipe that creates a warm ambient glow.

Buster Bulb three colors seemingly suspended over piece of terrazzo tile

The Buster Bulb also gives the gift of long life and low energy: they consume 1/20th of a conventional incandescent bulb and last over seven times longer—up to 30,000 hours. 

Buster Bulb smoky gray cluster of eight over a sofa with distressed wall in background

The bulbs are dimmable. Finish is a metallic sheen in bright crystal, smoke gray, or warm gold.

Buster Bulb two pendant bulbs in gold with wood paneled wall in background

Go to Buster & Punch for further details. And see Designer Pages Media for more from Buster & Punch.

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