Super Wire by Formafantasma

Super Wire by Formafantasma

“The realization of being gay and the social stigma that comes with it was a difficult moment. At the same time, we quickly moved on because we also always loved queerness in the sense of strangeness, of anything that is different than normal.”


LED luminaire in front of quilted wall art

Celebrate Pride with design duo Formafantasma‘s exceedingly strange and eminently beautiful Superwire for Flos.

SuperWire sconces flanking beautiful wooden staircase

A clever construction of hexagonal planar glass connected by a polished aluminum element, Superwire defies attempts at deconstruction.

SuperWire luminaire
Detail of LED lighting with borosilicate glass
Its transcendent illumination is created by thin LED strips, “each shielded by a borosilicate tube the size of a spaghetti.”
SuperWire table lamp on wooden floor

Dancing on the veritable high-wire of ingenuity and innovation, Superwire pulses with a lovely phosphorescence. It’s beautful, dynamic, electric.

Three LED lights: table lamp, floor lamp, and luminaire

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