Him Green Lamp by Maison Figueras

Him Green Lamp by Maison Figueras

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” – Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Spanish dramatist & poet

Him Green Lamp

This week we’re going green and seeing green and celebrating the deep and classic shade that embodies nature and vitality. “An exquisite piece that transcends ordinary lighting,” Him Green Lamp from Barcelona-based Maison Figueras is a bendy and interlocking beauty.

Him Lamp Green

Coming it at 150 centimeters, which is just about 5’ tall, Him Green Lamp is a sleek and modern option for elegant design and ambient lighting. Clearly, Him Green Lamp knows and loves it’s making a statement.

Himm Lamp

Him Green Lamp is not to be confused with Maison Figueras’ Himm Lamp, a swirly straw from the 90s in lamp form (as seen above in Pistachio) or Hiim Lamp, a restful iteration (as seen below in Blue). They’re different variations of affectionate “lamp hugs.” All of these lamps are made of resin and made by hand.

Himm Lamp Yellow and Hiim Lamp Blue

Maison Figueras is a design house in the heart of Barcelona. They have a deep appreciation of the works for Salvador Dalí. Their collective design work of swirling colors and whimsical forms speaks to the joyfulness in creativity.

Him Small Green Lamp, resembling a super cool modern faucet, is a mini option of Him Green Lamp. Him Small is under 3’ tall. This lamp is an ideal companion for side tables or sideboards in the coolest room in your house.  

Him Small Green Lamp

See more at Maison Figueras.

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