Beautiful Blossoms of Light

Beautiful Blossoms of Light

LightArt presents the third in their ongoing botanical series of pendants—in this latest iteration, inspired by the native fauna of the company’s home in the Pacific Northwest.

LightArt Botanical Pendant Chartreuse Blossom with white center and reddish-pink leaves

These are meticulously crafted suspension lamps that are hyper-real approximations of Alpine Columbine, Snowdrop Blossom, Rhododendron, Foxglove, and Cherry Blossom, as well as “Chartreuse Blossom,” which is a riff on LightArt’s original Blossom Pendant.

LightArt Botanical pendant two pendants white with green leaves

The pendants may be displayed singly or “clustered into a bouquet, creating a cost-effective large-scale fixture.”

LightArt Botanicals pendant lamps three clusters of different lights in many colors

The pendants utilize Varia Ecoresin by 3Form (LightArt’s parent company) to create these dazzling and luminous displays in over 250 colors.

LightArt Botanicals Foxglove pendant orange

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