The Avery Button-Tufted Bed by Bernhardt Hospitality

If I had to categorize my personal level of discernment and demands when it comes to vacation accommodations, I’d place myself somewhere in the middle. That is to say, I don’t necessarily frown on chain establishments, as long as they’re 1. Relatively new; 2. Convincingly clean; and 3. Stocked with new beds and quality mattresses. If every hotel went with the Avery Button-Tufted Bed by Bernhardt Hospitality, no longer would I have to enter a room and test the bed before committing for the night.

Avery Button-Tufted Bed. Manufactured by Bernhardt Hospitality.

Bernhardt Hospitality’s Button-Tufted Bed is a Reliable Sign of a Quality Accommodation

I suspect I’m not alone in the desired fulfillment of the above requirements. Especially among the ergonomically inclined, a decent hotel room bed is an absolute must. If the Avery Button-Tufted bed is any indication, Manufacturer Bernhardt seems to have intuited as much.

Avery Button-Tufted Bed. Manufactured by Bernhardt Hospitality.

An attractive, durable bed with a clean, contemporary aesthetic, the Avery Button-Tufted bed comes in multiple incarnations—that’s Twin, Queen, King, and California King sizes, each with pedestal feet and the stylistic flourish of a large, capitonné-style headboard.

Avery Button-Tufted Bed. Manufactured by Bernhardt Hospitality.

Familiar to 3rings readers through such engaging pieces as Patricia Urquiola’s Bohemian Sofa for Moroso and Urbastyle’s Soft Seat, this tufted upholstery is a classical touch that remains every bit as elegant and modern as it was when the Eames used it in their iconic Lounge Chair. In the case of Bernhardt’s Avery, the attractive button tufting sets the bed apart from the usual hotel fair: you’ll appreciate the accompanying new, firm, and high quality mattress all the more for it.

About the Manufacturer: Founded in1889 by John Mathias Bernhardt, Bernhardt Hospitality boasts some 122 years of manufacturing “a full range of fashionable products with the quality and durability demanded by the hospitality environment.” The company’s product line extends to casegoods, seating, suite furniture (including dressers, chests, and nightstands), dining tables, entertainment centers, and all manner of sofas. Based out of Lenoir, NC, Bernhardt Hospitality is proud of their local ethos and even more proud of their financial contributions to the surrounding community.

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