LightArt Lights the Way to Sound Absorption

LightArt Lights the Way to Sound Absorption

Manufacturer LightArt introduces us to the Sabin, a measurement of damping performance that equates to one square foot of perfect absorption.

Acoustic Stratta in red downlights and uplights in office

The company’s new Stratta (above) and Baffle (below) excel in this capacity, with the LED-fixture Stratta offering 11 sabins per fixture. The layman’s interpretation might be simplified as powerful sound absorption in an attractive, compact, linear form.

Acoustic Baffle by LightArt light, blue, and shades of gray close-up

Perhaps the most impressive achievement of Stratta is its enhancement over previous similar LightArt products. Building on the success of the Static Links collection from this past June, Stratta represents an enhanced, more streamlined product. Its thin aluminum profile houses multi-functional LEDs, offering warm dimming, tunable white and RGBW options, as well as uplight, downlight, and unlit capabilities.

Acoustic Stratta by LightArt in black detail

Baffle offers all the absorption without the light, “an ideal solution for high-quality, cost-conscious acoustic options.” Like Stratta, Acoustic Baffle’s linear form and modular assembly allows designers to be creative, arranging it in straight rows as well as diagonal configurations.

Acoustic Baffle multi-color configuration in wave form

Both fixtures are offered in 22 Sola felt colors. Baffle is available in six sizes (one-foot increments between three and eight feet). Additional options for Stratta include Ash or Oak end caps.

Find out more at LightArt.

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