Peace Wallcovering by Rinekwall for Designtex

I’m certain that readers are familiar with that old saw that often re-surfaces in discussions of modern and contemporary art—“my kid could paint that.” In fact, this notion, especially in reference to abstract works by artists like Jackson Pollack, is so pervasive that there’s a documentary with exactly that title (staring a kid who, ostensibly, actually could paint that). The latter provoked some controversy about the authenticity of the child’s purported works, but there’s nothing whatsoever fishy about Rinekwall’s latest pvc-free wallcovering: Peace for Designtex was created entirely by children.

Peace wallcovering. Designed by Rinekwall. Manufactured by Designtex.

Rinekwall’s Peace Wallcovering Captures the Hope and Optimism of Youth

Conceived of by Designtex and Rinekwall as “the collaboration of the young spirit, blending joy and innocence with a hopeful message,” Peace owes its genesis to the exciting childhood phenomenon known as career day. Specifically, that of the daughter of Rinekwall Creator and Designer Dana Agamalian. As part of Agamalian’s presentation on a career in art, she tasked the kids with drawing the symbol of Peace.

Peace. Designed by Rinekwall. Manufactured by Designtex.

The exercise quickly manifested as the new Peace wallcovering, an unending proliferation of the symbol in varied shapes and sizes, deftly capturing all the wondrous naiveté and inspired spontaneity of childhood.

Peace. Designed by Rinekwall. Manufactured by Designtex.

Peace employs Rinekwall’s vaunted facility for infinite horizontal and vertical repeats, a process that—like all of their surface coverings—creates a seamless sense of continuity and completion.

Peace. Designed by Rinekwall. Manufactured by Designtex.

Rinekwall offers Peace on Designtex’s DNAwalls, the company’s no-pvc alternative, a substrate that’s devoid of dangerous phthalates and toxic dioxin compounds. Further environmental credentials of this innovative substrate include the absence of both chlorine and heavy metals, the presence of water based UV curable inks, and local U.S. manufacture.

Peace. Designed by Rinekwall. Manufactured by Designtex.

In addition to DNAwalls, Rinekwall offers Peace on various custom substrates including wood, acrylic, metal, fabric, and laminate. Available in three colorways—green, white, and purple—Peace allows you to find the color of your hope, just as if you were a child again: “This artwork tapped into being an eight-year-old, where no dream seems impossible… there is an authenticity in children, and this design reflects their idealism.”

About the Manufacturer: a Steelcase company founded back in 1961, Designtex aspires to pursue “innovation and sustainability in order to continually provide our clients with surfaces that enhance environments.” The company is known for its durable and stain-resistant upholstery, wallcovering, and panel fabrics, but they’re also garnering acclaim for their comprehensive sustainability initiative. Designtex strives to reduce energy consumption by using renewable alternatives: converting their headquarters’ lighting to LEDs, purchasing energy efficient equipment, and transitioning meetings and presentations to the virtual world.

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