Liuku lights by Maja Puoskari

Liuku lights by Maja Puoskari

Due to be presented at Salone Satellite during this year’s Milan Furniture Fair, the Liuku is a simple pendant lamp by Finnish designer Maija Puoskari.


Maija Puoskari’s Liuku pendant lights are inspired by the vivid colors, shapes, drama and playfulness of the circus.

The lamps consist of two parts: a gradient-colored glass shade and a wooden pendant which holds a hidden light source. The translucent shade rests freely on top of the wooden pendant, creating a beautiful layered effect.


The wooden pendants come in three shapes; a teardrop, a sphere and an egg shape.


“Circus often has two sides,” explains  Puoskari. “At the same time it can be an airy and playful, as well as dramatic and dark. The acrobatic structure, vivid colors and shapes are inspired of that theme.”


Maija Puoskari will be presenting alongside fellow Finnish designer Anna Palomaa on stand D-9 at the Salone Satellite between 8.-13. April, Milan 2014. Other pieces presented will include lamps, three-dimensional wall tiles, carpet, a swing and vases.Liuku_maija_puoskari4

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About the designer: Helsinki-based designer Maija Puoskari was born in Tornio, northern Finland in 1978. Puoskari studied in Applied Art and Design at the Aalto University of Helsinki, where she graduated in 2009. She got her BA at Kuopio Academy of Design, Savonia University of Applied Sciences in 2003. Before her design studies Puoskari had already graduated as a florist. Because of her background it's no surprise that she often draws inspiration from nature. Puoskari's work is characterized by a strong sense of pure form mixed with functionality and precise finishing.

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