Happy Large Pendant by Siemon & Salazar

Happy Large Pendant by Siemon & Salazar

Icy waters. Icy light. The thick-walled magnificence of Happy Large by Siemon & Salazar is reminiscent of the iridescent inches of a frozen-over pond. The ice is finally sturdy enough in the dead of winter for safely ice skating atop it with your friends gliding nearby too. You’re freezing, but you’re also loving every minute of it.

Happy Large Opaline

In cool colors, Happy Large by RISD love duo Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar of Siemon & Salazar mimics winter’s frigid experience. Though, Happy Large has no understanding of the colder climates or sub-zero arctic chills. This pendant light hails from the West coast from the Siemon & Salazar design house where glass-blowing is considered a team sport and the sensibility is modern California cool.

Siemon and Salazar emitting

The Happy series plays with the reflective and malleable qualities inherent in glass. Glass, like water, is a known shape shifter. Each Happy Large pendant is hand manipulated in California to create a creased and singularly individual form. No one is like the other.

Happy Large Steel Grey

To give you an idea of size, Happy Large weighs about 5 pounds. Happy Small, a miniature option, comes in at 2.5 pounds. The technique here is rooted in a Murano glass making method known as “sommerso,” or submerged—encased in color. The sommerso technique dates back to the late 1930s. People look to Antonio Da Ross, a highly skilled Venetian glassmaker, as its originator. After RISD, Siemon apprenticed in the glass mecca of Murano, Italy, learning methods Siemon & Salazar still make use of today.

Happy Large colors

Besides all the icy colors of winter—Steel Blue, Opaline, Clear, and Steel Grey—Happy Large comes in Aubergine and Amber.

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