Cylinder Lighting with Twice the Power from CSL

Cylinder Lighting with Twice the Power from CSL

Creative Systems Lighting (CSL) is back from the recent Lightovation show where the brand debuted their latest class of Cylinder and Entity Cylinder lighting.

CSL lighting two lights in black with round profile and white with square profile

The big news for architectural lighting pros is that both types of lights offer double the lumen output compared to earlier models. They’re also extremely user friendly, with lower-profile canopies and easy pull-off removable bezels for excellent accessibility.

CSL Cylinder lighting in vestibule of apartment building

And both the Cylinder and Entity Cylinder (the latter features a square profile) are ultra-versatile: mounting applications include wall and surface, and they can also be installed as a pendant with suspension options in stems, cords, or cables.

Outdoor wall-mount cylinder lights in black

For outdoor applications, upgraded wall-mounted cylinders have enhanced durability. With a 3G vibration rating, these fixtures are ideal for exposure to the elements or withstanding continuous stress from steady roadside traffic.

Cylinder lighting on either side of door

CSL Cylinders are versatile fixtures that perform well in hospitality, residential, and commercial spaces, and the increased lumen output makes them especially suited to venues with high ceilings, like restaurants, lofts, and high-end residences.

Array of black pendant lights and flush-mount lights in family room

See CSL for additional information. And for more versatile pendant lighting, check out Koncept’s Yuri, a cool new concept that features interchangeable, customizable shades.

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