Inspired by a Native American Sauna Design: The Inipi B by EOOS for Duravit

In the past three weeks I have spent more time in saunas and steam rooms than I have in my past twenty-eight years combined. The need for heat in the dead of winter it is not, nor is it necessarily the need for a detoxification. It’s simply a visit within Europe where saunas are added to many a weekly to-do list here in Germany. Duravit recently partnered with the EOOS design team to create the Inipi B compact sauna – not inspired by European saunas, but rather those of the Native American Lakota tribe – that fits right into your bathroom space to afford you transit time and, for those who enjoy the art of heat therapy, a logical investment.

Inipi B sauna. Designed by EOOS. Manufactured by Duravit.

Inspired by the Lakota Native American Tribe, the Inipi B Sauna Settles into Your Home Bathroom

Easy to assemble, according to the description put out by Duravit, the Inipi B is so compact it can be installed into a “regular-sized bathroom” instead of elsewhere in the house where it might occupy an entire room or a large portion of a basement. The four different Inipi B versions come in one or two occupancy units and measure from 46.3″W x 46″D x 83.8″H up to 93.75″W x 46″D x 83.8″H. The steam or dry sauna infusion is conveniently activated with a button inside the sauna.

Inipi B sauna. Designed by EOOS. Manufactured by Duravit.

The design by EOOS lends itself to being assembled and disassembled also, becoming the most modern type of sauna as it can be brought into a rented apartment or transported from one house to the next, if you decide to move. Again, this makes the sauna not only an investment in health and general mental well-being, it’s also good for a lifetime of living situations.

Inipi B sauna. Designed by EOOS. Manufactured by Duravit.

As Duravit states, the idea was born from the Inipi sauna “sweat huts” that the Native North American tribe known as the Lakota used. They used warmed stones sprinkled with herbs to heat their saunas, and EOOS transferred the idea into their 21st century construction.

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About the Manufacturer: Duravit began with humble beginnings back in 1817 as a manufacturer of earthenware in Germany’s Black Forest. Now, they’ve become a leading innovator in the aesthetics and functionality of the always-crucial bathroom space. The company routinely partners with iconic designer Philippe Starck as well as the design team of EOOS, among other well-known designers, to create pieces that challenge the bathroom space year after year.

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