The “Minimal Soloist” Atelier Lounge Chair by EOOS for Walter Knoll

Starting out with gorgeous imagery, followed by a lengthy, dedicated description, the Atelier chair by EOOS for Walter Knoll uses the familiar phrase ‘form follows function’ to describe the reduced lines and visible purpose of each component within the singular lounge seat. But, as EOOS interprets the oft-used phrase in their own way by giving it functional clarity and a “sensuousness of the minimalist”, the leather and steel come together as the ‘skin and bones’.

Atelier chair. Designed by EOOS. Manufactured by Walter Knoll.

Gorgeous Steel Lines and Supple Texture Give the Modern Atelier Chair a ‘Form Follows Function’ Feel.

Draping down over the steel, the leather of the Atelier Chair gives the modern seating design an elegance that most chairs attempt to find. “Taut leather stretches over the steel framework – just as you would expect of genuine tubular steel furniture. The visible construction reveals the function of the chair. And ticking all the boxes: the patina effect – because leather does no reveal its true beauty until it is in use,” writes Walter Knoll of their new chair for 2012.

Atelier chair. Designed by EOOS. Manufactured by Walter Knoll.

Reminiscent of the draped glass look that the Photochrome Suspension lamp by Jean Couvreur gives off – one that is fluid and yet solid at the same time – the Atelier chair’s easy going design is gentle on the eyes. The headrest of the Atelier chair  and its height of the backrest are both easily adjusted, with the leather sliding over the neck roll like a waterfall over weathered stone.

Atelier chair. Designed by EOOS. Manufactured by Walter Knoll.

As Walter Knoll describes of the Atelier by EOOS, it is “the ideal place for daydreaming, resting and relaxing”.

About the Manufacturer: Walter Knoll is a German manufacturer based in Herrenberg, Germany who creates high quality residential furniture with special attention paid to high-tech developments and practical craftsmanship that ensures his designs will last. Since it opened in 2006, the company has been growing as a worldwide network, working with skilled designers in residential and office designs of chairs, desks and tables.

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