Duravit Announces SensoWash Starck C


's recent re-vamping of Philippe Starck's seminal SensoWash Shower Toilet has me conjecturing: is it possible to streamline Starck? Plausible to make a design by the master of minimalism more minimal yet? A simple yes will suffice (and Starck is doubtless the first to applaud the effort) as Duravit has re-visited the fabulous millennial combo bidet/toilet to create SensoWash Starck C, which improves upon the undeniably clean silhouette of the original.

Duravit's SensoWash C Improves on Philippe Starck's Original Design

Duravit Announces SensoWash Starck C

Granted, the change is a small one, but as Duravit US president Tim Schroeder remarks, "we're excited to bring this update to SensoWash. By concealing the connectors, we're staying true to Mr. Starck's minimal aesthetic. It's a simple change, but it carries major design impact."

The original SensoWash sandwiched the connectors between the seat and the toilet body-an elegant solution that downplayed the piece’s high-tech infrastructure. But the solution proposed by the new SensoWash Starck C is better still… "further innovating the concept by tucking away the water and electricity connections in the body."

Duravit Announces SensoWash Starck C

The hidden components give SensoWash C the final touch to make it appear a veritable coup-of engineering savvy, of slim and stylish design, of superlative functionality.

Of Course, SensoWash C boasts all the features of the first incarnation, not limited to heated seat, wireless remote control, rear and front wash, individually adjusting wand and temperature, power-actuated lid and seat, self-cleaning wand, and a night light.

Read more about Duravit’s SensoWash Starck C on Designer Pages.

For specifying information, contact Duravit: info@duravit.de

About the Manufacturer: One of the world's foremost manufacturers of fittings for bath, Duravit has parlayed their humble beginnings-back in 1817, as a manufacturer of earthenware in Germany's Black Forest-to become a leading innovator in the aesthetics and functionality of this always-crucial space.

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