Duravit D-Neo

Duravit D-Neo

Pure. Streamlined. Simple.

D-Neo Boho basins overhead view

The adjectives above might describe any Duravit bathroom range, as the brand is known for its no-frills approach.

D-Neo Minimal with mirror and bathrtub

This is certainly the case with D-Neo, but this collection from Bertrand Lejoly also has a “newness” about it, and the sense that it’s geared toward a young demographic.

D-Neo Pop with minimalist sink against aqua colored wall

D-Neo is marked for its modularity. The line is comprised of basins, bowls, toilets, bidets, cabinets, vanities, and tubs—sufficient inventory for users to get a customized experience at a reasonable price point: “Allowing enough room for your personality to shine through, the individual elements of the complete bathroom range fit into any ambience – whether compact or spacious.”

D-Neo Pop vanity, storage cabinet, and mirror in colorful bathroom

To help users pinpoint the precise combination that will work for their space, Duravit categorizes the line into Monochrome, Boho, Minimal, and Pop—complete with arrangements to suit individual styles.

D-Neo Monocrhome two views with toilet, vanity, sink, and storage


D-Neo Monochrome sink detail


D-Neo Boho side view of vanity, sink, and tub


D-Neo Pop basin detail


D-Neo also has an eye on hygiene and sustainability. The line features rimless toilets that are less time-consuming and easier to clean, as well as Duravit’s HygieneGlaze, an innovative antibacterial ceramic coating that controls germs and bacteria. And Duravit’s DuraSolid material is proven for greater durability and longevity than conventional ceramics used in bathtubs and shower trays.

D-Neo Minimal overhead view of bowl

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