Blown Away by Brunklaus Amsterdam’s Oak Silk Lighting

While learning the art of fashion illustration my mentor used to say "notice the movement" in reference to the way fabric interprets our body's angles and curves beneath. Just as I feel compelled to draw a two-dimensional sketch that feels alive, lighting designer Nicolette Brunklaus of Brunklaus Amsterdam does the same with her printed Oak Silk lamps designs.

Oak Silk lamps in Sognsvann and Abstract Gold. Designed by Brunklaus Amsterdam.

Printed Silk Lighting Shades Held By Scandinavian Oak Evoke Emotion

"Designers love to employ beautiful fabrics to combine function and aesthetics in whimsical play," reads Nicolette Brunklaus' blogpost about the latest releases from Brunklaus Amsterdam. "The Sognsvann lamp (left in the above image) follows this creed by evoking a memory the designer had along Norway's Lake Sognsvann. The fabric, what at first glance might appear to be an abstract bleed, is a scene of trees reflected in still water. Passersby provoke the glistening silk to lightly sway, creating an ebb and flow in the depicted waters."

Oak Silk lamps in Sognsvann and Abstract Gold. Designed by Brunklaus Amsterdam.

"The light bulb that hangs behind the silk curtain could be mistaken for the moon as the viewer is slowly hypnotized by the lamp’s layered nuance," continues Brunklaus in an eloquent statement of the Sognsvann lamp's silk shade. Also in an Abstract Gold print, the dueling beauties are made using Scandinavian Oak wood as their structure which "inspires the senses with its poetic efficacy and exceeds the boundaries of a fabric’s functional uses".

Oak Silk lamps in Sognsvann and Abstract Gold. Designed by Brunklaus Amsterdam.

Elegant on so many levels, the movement of the silk shade is exactly the style that a fashion designer might use as a metaphor in the interior design world of what true fashion should represent.

About the Designer: An Amsterdam-based designer with a knack for all things textile and print, Nicolette Brunklaus is a designer of various products. Her life is reflected in each of her pieces, making them personal and inspiring - bringing out the truly emotional design that makes a piece incredible. She maintains that a design alone tells a story, and her work is to bring the textures, colors and shapes to life. Her company, Brunklaus Amsterdam, seeks to set out on its own path of trendsetting through lighting, printed designs and textiles.

Posted March 30, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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