Find Yourself in the Enchanting Glow of Lost

Find Yourself in the Enchanting Glow of Lost

Get found with Lost by Magis, a clever pendant light whose aesthetic coup is that it’s made almost entirely of negative space.

Lost light suspension in white room

Lost is a short cylinder, or tubular section, if you prefer, that turns things inside-out by putting the diffuser all around its surface.

Lost light two sizes with the designers

The form makes for an innovative aesthetic and a surprisingly bright ambient light, spreading the wealth, as it were, with comprehensive illumination in a 360-degree arc.

Lost wall mount light from Magis

With the additions of wall-mount and floor lamp options, Lost offers a range of ways for users to experience this intriguing wheel of light.

Lost suspension lamp in kitchen

Lost is the creation of the Italian design duo of Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso. Find out more at Magis.

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