Ovate Organic: Origin by Gregg Parsell

When I was little growing up in Miami, the neighbors used to pay me and a friend to pick up pinecones from their yards. They were large, oval conifer cones, as big as bejeweled Faberge eggs. It wasn’t until much, much later—when I saw the very same cones for sale in a Kansas Christmas shop—that I realized that such trash is another man’s treasure. Of course, even as a child, I knew that the tree cones had a lovely shape and an enchanting geometry. The conifer cones remind me very much of Origin, a pendant light designed by Gregg Parsell.

Origin pendant light. Designed by Gregg Parsell.

Black Walnut and Glacier White Corian Pendant Light

Origin pendant light. Designed by Gregg Parsell.

A study in juxtaposition, Origin uses Glacier White Corian around a black walnut core. And the contrasts continue from there. The light plays with positive and negative space, as the Corian spirals leave intoxicating gaps. It also places the organic in opposition to the manmade, since the acrylic Corian stems from a kernel of natural black walnut. Also, the designer manipulates the Corian in order to mimic nature: Origin is “inspired by seed pods” and thus its “light encompasses the beginnings of life and the flow of nature.” Because Origin uses partially recycled Corian, the pendant lamp honors nature in another way as well.

Origin pendant light. Designed by Gregg Parsell.

Origin is an interesting light to hang above a kitchen island in a cluster or trio. Due to its materials, I envision it being used in locations where winters are long and nature is majestic. The Colorado mountains immediately come to mind, since Origin would complement the white bark of Aspen trees and the dark branches of spruce.

Via Inhabitat.

About the Designer: Gregg Parsell is about to graduate from Nottingham Trent University with a bachelor’s degree in Furniture and Product Design. His Origin lamp won second place in the Student Lighting Awards 2011, which is organized by the Lighting Association. A problem solver, Parsell likes to work in multiple disciplines to “produce functional pieces that surpass their primary function and enhance the user’s lifestyle.

Posted October 14, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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