A Piece of Scandinavia: Handmade Rugs by Scandinavian Made

Bring home a piece (pieces actually) of history from Northern Europe with handmade rugs available through the Scandinavian Made website. Each rug is woven together from recycled cloth originating in the Smaland region of Southern Sweden, whose name literally means small lands. Old clothes, bed linens, curtains, and jeans are collected, then washed, ironed, and cut into thin strips. The pieces get rolled into balls, the cloth equivalent of knitting yarn; from this source, Scandinavian weavers work their magic, transforming discarded quotidian fodder into beautiful rugs.

Mariestad hand-woven rug. Available at Scandinavian Made.

Hand-woven Rugs from Recycled Cloth

Mariestad hand-woven rug. Available at Scandinavian Made.

Mariestad, named for a historical Swedish town (birthplace of renowned javelin thrower Dag Wennlund), is a modern rug inspired by local nature: “laces, woods, ancient stone walls and wooden houses painted red.” Constructed using the tuskaft technique, a simple weave wherein warp and weft are evenly spaced, Mariestad features horizontal bands of gray, blue, and red, along with areas of multicolored cloths. For something sunnier, Orebro uses oranges, yellows, and bright greens. Woven by Eva Valente, Orebro commemorates the “Valborg” tradition, a holiday that takes place on the eve of April 30th, which celebrates the coming of spring.

Mariestad hand-woven rug. Available at Scandinavian Made.

If you favor cool blues, Sjobo is the ideal rug. The work of experienced weaver Siv Anderson, whose mother was also a weaver, Sjobo has a diagonal pattern in the warp that makes the carpet lie flat (the kypert technique). This rug also includes tassels known as drejade, an elegant way to finish a rug. Constructed of 100% recycled cloth, Sjobo is prewashed so the colors will not run. At Scandinavian Made, each piece is unique, so if you see something you like, act fast, although you are encouraged to contact the company directly to see if they can create a similar pattern.

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About the Manufacturer: Scandinavian Made imports one-of-a-kind accessories from artisans across Scandinavia, “sharing these beautiful pieces with our customers to enjoy in their home for a lifetime.” The founders travel throughout Scandinavia to find quality ceramics and woven arts. Scandinavian Made thus brings authentic regional crafts to customers in the United States.

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