Want to Start a Revolution? Check Out M+N Textile’s Game-Changing 100%-Plant-Based Textiles

Want to Start a Revolution? Check Out M+N Textile’s Game-Changing 100%-Plant-Based Textiles

Is there crude oil in your curtains? Petroleum in your portiere? For the large majority of commercial applications, the answer is yes, as almost all curtains, shades, and sunscreens-virtually anything and everything designed to filter light-are made of petroleum-based raw materials. The good news is that Amsterdam-based M+N Textiles has gotten off the oil train. The company's revolutionary new textile-aptly called "REVOLUTION®"-is made from plants. We're not talking about some partial percentage of plant-based polymer, not a quarter or a third or even half, but rather 100% cradle-to-cradle grown-in-the-ground plants.


How does M+N accomplish this unique bit of prestidigitation? Click here for a succinct 3 minute video, or here for the REVOLUTION® brochure, but the short answer is "science": M+N uses the patented Ingeoâ„¢ biopolymer. Sugars are extracted from plants; a fermentation process is initiated to transform the sugars into lactic acid; the lactic acid is polymerized into long-chains polylactic acid in a granule form; the granules are extruded into yarn; and, finally, this yarn is woven into the high-quality fabric REVOLUTION®.



And what a fabric it is. As the only cradle-to-cradle gold-certified glare-reduction fabric, REVOLUTION® contributes to enormous savings in energy expenditure and CO² emissions. In fact, utilizing REVOLUTION® as compared to utilizing 25,000 square yards of polyester-based glare-control fabric equates to the following:

"¢ 42,9% less energy during manufacture
"¢ 77.3% fewer CO² emissions
"¢ Burning 994 gallons of gasoline
"¢ The monthly electricity consumption of 30 U.S. residents
"¢ The energy expenditure of a 100 watt bulb for a period of 13 years
"¢ 23 barrels of oil a year
"¢ Driving 19,344 miles in a new car in the U.S.
"¢ Growing 181 tree seedlings for 10 years


Additional environmental perks of REVOLUTION® are endemic within production: it contains no substances known or suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm; can be safely and perpetually recycled (converted back into the granular form, Ingeoâ„¢ actually helps landfills sequester carbon which can reduce the rate of climate change); produces end water containing no hazardous chemicals; and is made using at least 50% renewable energy.


Not only will REVOLUTION® make you feel like you're doing your part to preserve the planet, it will also keep the glare down and modulate the thermal envelope as well as any conventional shading fabric: REVOLUTION® is durable and dimensionally stable; it offers outstanding light fastness that is appropriate to a wide range of contract, retail, hospitality, and residential applications. And, with eight standard colors and a metalized backing option, it's versatile and aesthetically appealing.





REVOLUTION® can be utilized in roller blinds, panel blinds, vertical blinds, and curtains/drapes. See M+N Textiles for more information about this revolutionary new fabric and to peruse the entire M+N Textile line.

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