Pixel Imperfect: Surfaces Trend

Pixel Imperfect: Surfaces Trend

Inspired by the digital age, the pixel trend has taken over this year, adorning every surface from walls to floors. Here are some of our favorite examples of the pixel trend.
Pixel imperfect_ surfaces trend_2

Pixel Graphic by Carnegie Xorel: A Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified wallcovering made from Xorel; a high performance textile woven from durable polyethelene yarns. Qualifying for heavy contract use, The Pixel Graphic by Carnegie is available in three colorways www.carnegiefabrics.com

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Canevas Collection by Charlotte Lancelot for Gan Rugs: A cross stitch-inspired collection of rugs and soft accessories for Spanish brand GAN that feature brightly colored threads interwoven into a perforated felt base to create pixelated patterns. www.gan-rugs.com

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Tord Boontje for Bisazza: This year’s collection from Italian tile manufacturers Bisazza featured a series of designs by Dutch designer Tord Boontje that are inspired by pixelated images captured on camera and video.  www.bisazza.com

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ixxi modular connecting wall system by ixxi: A wall decoration system made up of square cards and a connecting system composed of x's and i's. Users can upload their own photographs to create modular wall tiles, or they can use the ixxi website's photo imagebank to create a pixelated feature wall. www.ixxi.nu

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Pixel Original by Eastern Knots: Eastern Knots have created a luxurious Tibetan wool and silk rug as part of its Cosmo Collection. Hand-knotted at 100 knots per inch, Pixel Original is available in custom colors and sizes. www.easternknots.com


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