Look for Pierre Favresse’s Fabulous Perch at Salone

The tantalizing little teasers we occasionally get as we draw closer to Spring and Salone are both my bane and my blessing—my blessing because what could be nicer than getting a glimpse of exciting new designs (and designers) as the jonquils begin to bloom, the tulips tunnel upward to the sun; my bane because there’s so often so very little information to go on. Such is exactly the case with Pierre Favresse’s forthcoming Perch, a collection “among the works that will be on display at Nouvelle vague, the new French domestic landscape exhibition curated by Cédric Morisset.”

Perch Collection. Designed by Pierre Favresse.

The Cafés of Paris and the Salons of Milan

Favresse’s contribution to the Centre Culturel Français’ presence at Salone is a sort of breakfast set for the nouvelle avant. Comprised of a pair of chairs, a tall occasional table with integrated lamp, and a decorative space divider/wall adornment/coat rack—all in shimmering, shining, slick black lacquer—the collection marks a definitive exploration of the line between conceptual art and functional design. Of course, given the caveat above, this is mostly speculation based on a single image. What’s certain is that Favresse’s chairs are sculptural and stunning, that the table would make an excellent standing work station, and that the third adornment would definitely give the birdies a lovely place to perch. That last observation is also up for debate, though it seems to me that the airy feel of Perch, coupled with the signification of the name, has this avian demographic in mind—whether in a playful, figurative sense or in the actual form of encouraging our feathered friends to observe a distinctively French repast of croissant and cafe au lait.

The world’s first glimpse of Perch will occur at Salone, approximately one month from now, when the air around Milan is bound to be rife with songbirds of all stripes. Favresse’s offering joins others of its ilk as part of a unified front of the new guard in French design, a sector that’s recently enjoyed exponential growth. According to curator Morisset, “in very little time, their pioneering work, production, and commercialization of new object and furniture collections has permitted a new generation of designers to stand out and become visible… Now uninhibited, polyglot and entrepreneurial, they take risks, auto-produce and are opening out to the world. From amongst these numerous new faces, five obviously outstanding will be presented at this exhibition: A+A Cooren, Ionna Vautrin, Pierre Favresse, Studio Nocc, and Pool.” Here’s hoping the other four collections are as pleasing and intriguing as Perch.

Look for Pierre Favresse's Fabulous Perch at Salone

“Souviens toi que tu vas mourir” (Remember that you will die) chair. Designed by Pool.

Look for Pierre Favresse's Fabulous Perch at Salone

“Oeil de sorcière” (Witch’ Eye) mirror. Designed by Ionna Vautrin.

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