The Shape of Curved from Kristina Dam Studio

The Shape of Curved from Kristina Dam Studio

Already known for the somewhat audacious, yet eminently practical, Curved Bench, Kristina Dam is making some new waves with additions to the line.

Curved bench in white in front of bed

The Curved Shelf and Curved Pedestal expand this concept of storage-and-surface-in-one with a handy wall-mounted shelf that provides a seamless look, and an elegant pedestal that’s ideal for showcasing treasured items.

Curved pedestal in black with white vase on top in minimal room with stone floor and concrete wall

Uses of the shelf are limited only by one’s imagination. Possible contents include books and papers, keys and bath-ware, tsotchkes and knick-knacks of every stripe. For a purely decorative statement, it even looks good empty.

Close view of wall shelf in black with varied items in the five compartments

Curved wall shelf in white partial view in bathroom with towels in compartments
long wall shelf in white

As for the Pedestal, it offers a “graphic and minimalistic expression that underlines the displayed objects while subtly claiming its space.” Custom-fit removable storing frames are sold separately, should you wish to compartmentalize further.

Curved pedestal with white vase, books in one of the compartments, near sofa

All items in the Curved Series are made of black or beige powder-coated steel. Get yours at Kristina Dam Studio.

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