Acerbis Re-Issues Iconic Due Più Chair

Acerbis Re-Issues Iconic Due Più Chair

Nanda Vigo's Due Più armchair (translation: "Two More" and also known as "Manifesto") is a mesmerizing blend of art, architecture, and design. Created in 1971, this iconic piece features two floating rollers as its seat and back, set within a sleek metallic structure that reflects Vigo's minimal geometric aesthetic.

Due Più in white

But what really sets it apart is the furry upholstery. Originally made with Mongolian wool, the fur is now sourced from food industry waste—a spirited choice that adds opulence and sustainability in line with contemporary ethics.

pair of Due Più chairs in white and rust

Due Più showcases the duality of Vigo's creative soul—the architect's precision in the metallic framework and the eccentric, pioneering spirit seen in the voluminous fur. Mass-produced for the very first time by manufacturer Acerbis, the armchair brings this visionary design to a wider audience. Its unique construction allows for versatile seating experiences—regular, side, or reverse sitting—which creates an interactive and playful aspect.

futuristic roller chairs in white and black

As an emblem of artistic brilliance and innovation, Nanda Vigo's Due Più armchair continues to inspire design enthusiasts worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the world of design as a timeless symbol of futurism and ethical design principles.

Due Più white, outside, view from above

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Posted July 24, 2023 by Joseph Starr

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