Life in Plastic, it’s Fantastic! Rubberized Seating by Studio JSPR

Anyone who reads fellow 3rings writer Alicita Rodriguez’s articles knows of her obsession with Dutch design. By some miracle, I instead was assigned to cover something from the Netherlands this week—and the product evinces the smart style that has made Alicita Rodriguez such a big fan of the country (she seemingly believes the entire geographical region is infused with good taste, as if every baby born of Dutch parentage inherits a genetic propensity for innovative design). If, in fact, the area has something magical in the waters, then JSPR proves it.

Plastic Fantastic. Designed by Jasper van Grootel of JSPR.

The interior design company that also creates its own furniture collections “is always experimenting with new innovative materials in its production studio.” One such permutation is their Plastic Fantastic—a line of indoor/outdoor pieces covered in a soft, flexible, “thick layer of rubber!” The concoction of JSPR’s founder Jasper van Grootel (a name fit for a Grimm villain, I might point out), Plastic Fantastic is the company’s best-known collection. Obviously durable, the material is surprisingly comfortable—due to the secret JSPR technology, which I like to imagine is invented in clandestine laboratories by men in white coats and ascots. Plastic Fantastic has birthed a wide-ranging line of furniture, from Dining Chairs to Club Chairs, Salon Tables to Grand Dressoirs.



It is the juxtaposition of the substance and the style that defines Plastic Fantastic. Curved legs, lavish ornamentation, tufted fabrics all become ironic statements when produced in plastic—lovely commentary on the history of furnishings and domesticity in general. Color too transforms staid silhouettes: choose any hue, though the standard options are many—from neutrals like camel, sand, and chocolate; to brights like sky blue, ochre, and lime; from classic black, white, and anthracite; to feminine soft pink, magenta, and aubergine. Any color of the rainbow and everything in between can be had in Plastic Fantastic. JSPR’s furniture collection becomes a real beauty in its signature coating of pliable, yielding, responsive rubber.

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