At NeoCon 2021: Routes by Teknion Helps Map Out Your Working Style

At NeoCon 2021: Routes by Teknion Helps Map Out Your Working Style

Comprised of furniture, lighting, and accessories, this is no collection of conventional contract furniture, but rather an eclectic set of tools—“encouraging people to move about and to move their furniture around, to make or unmake a space in which to think, meet or create.”

Teknion Routes chairs, desks, mobile stool in primary colors in sunny office with happy people

The term “Flexible” has become so ubiquitous that it’s becoming a cliché, but Routes is truly so. Each piece offers options that facilitate different styles and scales of working: “allowing one to build-up a complete workspace for a small, tight-knit studio or create casual ‘pop-up’ work hubs across the expanse of a corporate headquarters.”

Teknion Routes high desk, high stools, white board, and three people working in sunny office

Some examples help to illustrate. There’s the Meet N’ Greet chair, a comfy yet no-nonsense multi-purpose piece that cozies up nicely to the Laptop table.

Teknion Routes woman working in chair with laptop table and other woman behind mobile partition

The Multi-Use stool is long on personality and loads of fun. A diminutive furnishing that races to your rescue as an ottoman, seat, or handy place to put stuff, it may remind you of a friendly robot.

Teknion Routes loveseat and lounge chair with mobile stools and man with bicycle and two women

The Double desk with screen is ideal for quick collaboration or quickly cordoning off into a private work station.

Teknion Routes double desk with screen detail

And the Routes Rocking chair will make you forget you’re at work. A simple, streamlined shape pairs nicely with bright upholstery.

Teknion Routes rocking chair, lounge chiar, and sofa with woman in chair and man on sofa in sunny workspace

The above is really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for all that Routes has to offer. Additional furnishings and accessories include a three leg stool, high table, mobile soft screen, sofas, desks, and a variety of complementary lighting.

Teknion Routes five desk lamps in varied colors

The idea here—embodied in the name—is that this suite of furniture gives you vision, a sort of road map into how you want to work and how to get there: “Pick a way to sit, a place to engage and a space to work. Personal preference is the essence of the new workplace. Routes can be consistently changed to create spaces that are specific to that day’s tasks.”

Teknion Routes woman working at double desk with privacy screen in sunny office

Go to Teknion to find out more and to see a video of Routes in action. And be sure to stop by the Teknion showroom at NeoCon 2021, Floor 10, 1048.

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