At Maison & Objet: The Wild Chairs!

At Maison & Objet: The Wild Chairs!

Studio BrichetZiegler evokes the spontaneous and the unrestrained with The Wild Chairs! exhibit at Paris Design Week.

All ten wild chairs with the designers and designers' clones seated in them

With 10 chairs of distinct design strategy and material composition, this is a fun phantasmagoria of aesthetic exuberance and conceptual derrring-do.

Dom chair all black in bent steel sheet

Among our favorites we find Dom (above), a sinuous surprise that’s hammered, molded, folded, and otherwise pleadingly coaxed from its origin as a single flat metal sheet. Luca (below) is made of a u-shaped piece of bent maple that’s repeated 11 times and strategically cut to form a monocoque shell.

Luca chair side view with wood visible beneath and black painted surface

And Phil takes the Wire chair concept (with a wink and a nod to Platner) and draws them outward and inward and every which way to make a clever game of perception that also happens to resemble a chair.

Phil Wire chair Wild Chair

Cool stuff. Read more about Dom, Luca, Phil, and the other seven (Arsenne, Farrah, Henriette, Jeannie, Marge, Marty, and Shaun) at Studio BrichetZiegler.

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