Live at NeoCon: Superheroes Amongst Us

The recent Iron Man Film (that’s right, with a capital ‘F’), staring Robert Downey Jr., is perhaps the greatest superhero movie of the decade. Who doesn’t love superheroes, right?. And this year at NeoCon, we are fortunate enough to have a superhero amongst us, LINAK, a manufacturer of height adjustable desks and table legs.

Live at Neocon, LINAK will be displaying a custom light box table that was created for the Iron Man movie. So if you’re a superhero fan like me, this is right up your alley. LINAK actually had two height adjustable tables on set of the Iron Man movie that can be seen in the lab and home of the main character.

The desk that is on display at LINAK booth #4072 at NeoCon is a height adjustable and tilting drafting table and was featured in the lab of the engineering genius/super hero. In several scenes, Stark is positioned over and around the table as he designs and builds his Iron Man armor.

Live at NeoCon: Superheroes Amongst Us

Iron Man Director Jon Favreau, an acclaimed director/actor with credits including Zathura, Elf, The Break-Up, Rudy, and Friends, autographed the desk.

In addition to the Iron Man movie, LINAK has placed height adjustable desks and conference tables using their legs on the sets of CSI: New York, Eli Stone, CHUCK, House, and other upcoming movies and television shows.

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