Mezza Luna Nebulite in New Sizes!

Mezza Luna Nebulite in New Sizes!

Luminous. Ethereal. Lovely. The Mezza Luna Nebulite pendant, by In-es.artdesign, aspires to recreate the moon, right in your own living room.

off-white hemispherical pendant light close view

What was the old saying about “promising the stars and the moon”? Well, Mezza Luna gets you half there with this half-moon shaped light that becomes a “canvas on which the light reflects, creating soft, lively or cozy atmospheres.”

Two Mezza Luna pendant in off-white, full view and partial view

Made of Nebulite, a proprietary material composed of resins and fibers, Mezza Luna is inspired by the self-same textures of that luminous body that beckons us nightly with equal parts mystery and tranquility.

Horizontal split screen:
1 Off-white Mezza Luna over community table in café
2. of-white Mezza Luna in between aspen branches in living room

Mezza Mini is now available in 50, 70, and 120 cm circumferences, as well as a bevy of colors including white, orange, turquoise, red, magenta or blue: just the options you need to duplicate the many hues of the moon in your particular atmosphere.

Mezza Luna mini multiple colors

Find out more at In-es.artdesign.

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