Noises Off: Silen Unveils New Products & New Space at NeoCon 2024

Noises Off: Silen Unveils New Products & New Space at NeoCon 2024

With a permanent showroom at THE MART, Silen should be yelling from the rooftop about its new digs on the 10th floor—but Silen likes to enjoy the silence. After a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the acoustical pod company quietly welcomed Bridges and Chatbox to its product lineup.

Silen ribbon-cutting ceremony

Bridges, which is a collaboration between Silen’s in-house engineering team and designer Kai Stania, is a collection of transitional spaces. Silen explains the product line’s purpose—”to effortlessly create custom zones in their [clients] workspace, giving them the flexibility to modify their function and ambience as needed.”

Bridges by Silen

Bridges includes Bond, Portal, and Connect. Bond provides an “effortless transition between individual work to collaborative brainstorming for smaller groups.” Portal is “the ultimate summit station for larger gatherings and presentations.” Finally, Connect is a “powerful new innovation designed to upgrade your Silen Space officepods with a uniquely unified look.” Bridges features a soft upside-down U shape that ensconces people in a comforting yet open nook.


Don’t be fooled by the name. Chatbox still includes Silen’s acoustical benefits. A flexible pod that offers privacy, Chatbox comes in three sizes (Single, Duo, and Quattro). This new pod features easy installation—you can chat while you assemble, as it requires no additional assistance or materials to set up. Chatbox also offers options: changeable sides, antibacterial laminate, magnetic doors, and lighting. But the coolest benefit is that you can fix Chatbox to the floor or, as Silen puts it, “keep it seismically active.”

Chatbox rendering

Visit Silen at their new Chicago showroom at 10-155 inside the Merchandise Mart. For more pods, check out Hush.

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