Cozy up to Toof and Toss by Marrimor Objects

Cozy up to Toof and Toss by Marrimor Objects

Marrimor Objects is an offshoot of Marrimor Interiors and the brainchild of partners Tanja Hinder and Lauren Bugliarisi. The brand debuts with a pair of “nice things for nonconformists,” as they like to say: Toof and Toss.

Toof and Toss 3 Toof stacked on chair

This alliterative duo is comprised of the former (part table, part poof) and the latter (a thrilling throw pillow that also thrives on juxtaposition).

Toof and Toss Five Toss pillows stacked on chair

Toof is an inspired, unconventional object—a cushy poof that nests inside a rounded side table.

Toof and Toss gold Toof

The look of the table is inspired by the pull top of a vintage can of Coke, giving the clever combo a dynamic look: “complex curves in a spirited mix of colors and textiles.”

Toof and Toss three toof different colors on rug with dominos

While using Toof to rest your feet and balance your beverage, you’ll want to nestle up to a couple of the Toss pillows, with mixed materials and contrasting colors that feel both vintage and contemporary.

Toof and Toss two pillows stacked  detail

Available textiles include alpaca, wool, linen, mohair, velvet, and boucle. To find out more, see Marrimor. And go to Designer Pages Media for more resimercial style tables.

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