At NeoCon: Joel Berman Glass Studios

Bedrooms nestled into the back of clustered, urban apartment buildings. Office spaces squeezed within the interior of an office building. For many of us, we spend countless hours inside. To get your daily dosage of Vitamin D, a serene afternoon sun bath is just a bedroom wall demolition away.

With Joel Berman Glass Studio‘s transparent, translucent, sfumato (the Italian term for layering translucent textures for depth) or opaque interior glass walls (among other applications), you can redirect that desired light into any space. The glass is available in sheets up to 60″ wide and 120″ high with varying thickness and dozens of textures, colors, and finishes.

Bastoni, interior architectural glass. Manufactured by Joel Berman Glass Studios.

Among dozens of finishes and colors, Berman is releasing two new textures for the NeoCon 2008 show: Transition and Bastoni. Transition is a new glass casting technique combining a clear, transparent window and a deeply embossed, translucent effect within the same panel of glass. “Privacy and obscurity are achieved in a desired area while the purity of clear glass is attained in another area of the same glass application.” Bastoni negates everything your parents told you about glass – it’s an chaotic representation of the forgotten game of Pick-up sticks. Requiring almost equal strategy, the game takes it to the glass- making it impossible to gush over non-linear living. According to the May 2008 press release, “this playful, deeply embossed glass texture is suitable for flat-glass applications as varied as doors, decorative walls, partitions, water features, and much more.”

At NeoCon: Joel Berman Glass Studios

Unity, interior architectural glass (left). Transition, interior architectural glass (right).

Another addition to the Berman collection is Unity, part of a new series titled Design Without Borders “The message inherent in the philosophy is that by designing within a cultural mosaic, by embodying variety, and by embracing ethnic, cultural, religious and gender diversity, the result is design that challenges, excites, uplifts and creates unity. The philosophy is one of hope: that by using the universal language of design the end result will have a unifying influence on the lives of those it touches.” It features the non-figurative, geometric shapes of Islamic art and will be featured at their NeoCon booth 1173 (F11).

With 25 years of experience, Berman and his 30 designers, artisans, techonologists, and support staff have become kiln-cast architectural glass innovators. With commissions in corporate, commercial, hospitality, retails, governmental, and residential properties for glass stairs, walls, floors, doors, sinks, and countertops, they help share warmth with the inside world.

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