Privacy Simplified: the A Frame Mobile Screen

Privacy Simplified: the A Frame Mobile Screen

Tim Alpen’s A Frame Mobile Screen, from Kimball International’s Paradolia Collection, is simplicity personified.

A Frame gray in office

The designer himself says as much: “The idea of bending a flat surface seemed, at first, to be too simple. But as the work progressed and a clean, straightforward form developed, it felt justified.”

A Frame gray near work station

The lesson here may be that nothing is too simple.

A Frame in presentation room overhead view

A Frame doubles down on the privacy screen concept in several ways: the folded form creates an expanse of surface, which in turn makes for enhanced sound absorption. It also results in a “nest-able,” option, if that’s a word: different sizes may be stored together like so many Russian dolls.

A Frame close up of nesting

All the functional stuff is great, to be sure, but my favorite thing about A Frame is its elegant aesthetic—it’s a beautiful accessory whose function follows its form.

A Frame detail charcoal and blue with marker board accessory

A Frame also includes a saddle-shaped marker board accessory that expands its uses even further. Find out more at Kimball International.

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