Catch the Scenery: Arcadia at NeoCon

Catch the Scenery: Arcadia at NeoCon

Arcadia has a bevy of exciting seating options in the works for NeoCon 2019. Here’s a quick preview of items that will be available as soon as October of this year.

Arcadia NeoCon Seating Scenery light gray

Scenery is a clever ensemble of soft group seating with the addition of a ledge/work surface at the perimeter. A versatile and engaging grouping for garrulous sorts that promotes creative collaboration.

Arcadia NeoCon Seating Scenery shelf detail

Next up, Allsorts and Smallsorts. These are comfy, streamlined, well-integrated pieces with a vibrant color palette and vast functionality. Long on personality, this seating is for any and all sorts of people, large or small, grown or growing.

NeoCon Arcadia Seating Allsorts seating in yellow and black/white floral cushion

Reprise sports the cool combination of a metal frame, glass-reinforced polypropylene arms, and durable foam padding—“a go-to solution for healthcare environments time and again.”

Arcadia NeoCon Seating Reprise chairs for healthcare in powder blue and metal

Lastly, Iso is Arcadia’s latest contribution to semi-enclosed, privacy seating. A quiet space for one that shelters the user from the environment without completely shutting him/her out, Iso is pragmatic and versatile. May be configured for stand-alone modules or multi-use settings.

Arcadia Neocon Seating Iso privacy seating white upholstery with gray paneling

Find out more about about these great NeoCon debuts at Arcadia.

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