At BKLYN DESIGNS 2009: Ecosystems Brand

Since “going green” has become in vogue, many companies and products have made this claim with varying degrees of truth; hence the all too appropriate slogan for Ecosystems Brand, “going beyond green.” From material selection to production, shipment, assembly and end-life, the company utilizes the most sustainable and responsible methods. The functional aesthetic of Ecosystems Brand’s work, making no attempt to disguise its production and assembly methods, reflects the company’s approach and priorities.

Bamba Chair. Manufactured by Ecosystems Brand.

From mass manufactured products to complete interiors, Ecosystems Brand is redefining what it means to “go green.” Ecosystems Brand begins with sustainable materials and uses an automated manufacturing process to reduce material waste. On large orders, the company employs regional production to minimize fuel waste. You may have heard similar things before, but here is where they differ: all products are designed and built such that they pack flat for shipping, drastically reducing packing time and materials. The pieces then snap together, no tools necessary. When the “first life” of the product is over, Ecosystems Brand will pick it up to recycle or reclaim the materials. The approach is truly a full-cycle green system.


Bamba Chair. Manufactured by Ecosystems Brand.


Bamba Chair. Manufactured by Ecosystems Brand.


Tandem 1. Manufactured by Ecosystems Brand.


Ion Salon. Manufactured by Ecosystems Brand.

Bamba is a cleverly crafted chair whose seat, back and arms are cut from the sides that support the chair, nearly eliminates production waste for the chair’s bamboo frame structure. Alpha Collection aluminum hardware enables the pieces to snap together for assembly, no tools required. As with all of Ecosystems Brand’s products, it packs into itself for shipping, minimizing the size of the packing and the required packing material. Tandem 1 consists of chairs and tables that “can be endlessly ganged together with our proprietary aluminum hardware, keeping your waiting or public area impeccably organized,” according to the company. Endless configurations are possible with the mechanically connected components (for structural durability and simple replacement.)

In addition to their sustainable products, Ecosystems Brand also designs interiors: namely Ion Salon, a sustainable hair salon. The custom sustainable furniture and built in storage systems produce a “physical intervention on the space that poetically mimics Mother Nature.“ Smooth curves are achieved through the bent laminated wood forms.  If only the chairs which occupy Ion’s hair-washing stations were available to the masses… that is a piece I would love to have.

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