Dream Big with Barbie™ x Joybird

Dream Big with Barbie™ x Joybird

One year at my birthday party when I was a kid I got two of the same doll. I opened one Bedtime Barbie from my grandmother and a second Bedtime Barbie from a friend.

Barbie x Joybird bed

I adored her long pink rosette nightgown, the novelty of her soft plush body that wasn’t hard plastic, and the way an ice cube could open and “close” her eyes, which took on a frosty blue tint whenever she “slept.”

Barbie x Joybird collaboration image

But the worst part about having two identical dolls was making sure they were loved the same. I wanted it to be equal and fair and I was perpetually worried it wasn’t. At some point we must have given one away because I remember calmly, happily, only caring for one. She got all my love.

Mya Chair by Joybird

Thanks to the resurgence of all things Barbie, the memories have flooded back. What only recently clicked in my head is Barbie was a homeowner the whole time I had her!

Barbie movie dreamhouse

This year Mattel celebrates the 60th anniversary of Barbie’s Dreamhouse, so if she was working with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage her Dreamhouse was fully paid off a long time ago, circa 1994 for those keeping track. The official Barbie™ x Joybird Dreamhouse collaboration allows anyone to take a page out of Barbie’s stylebook.

Barbie x Joybird Dreamhouse collection image featuring the Dreamhouse Chelsea Sofa in situ

Joybird’s fashion-forward fabrics in gemstone colors and bright fuchsias radiate confidence and creativity. And, as we all know, touches of curvy silhouettes and golden accents have always been Barbie’s bread and butter.

Dreamhouse Nikki Accent Chair in situ

The Dreamhouse Nikki Accent Chair in Hampton Cream has a swivel base with a modern and tubular design.

Product image of the Dreamhouse Chelsea Sofa

The Dreamhouse Chelsea Sofa is entirely polished and appears to be the most stylish of places to sit. The tufted back detail and sparkling gold capped legs is surely where the Barbie of 2024 would scroll through her Instagram love-hearting videos of women inspiring women and sharing cute animal Reels with her friends.

Juniper Soleil Dining Chair from the Barbie x Joybird Collaboration

The Soleil Dining Chair showcases a buttery soft velvet (shown here in Juniper) and a luxe brass base. Even if it’s stationed at your kitchen or dining table, this chair is light enough to pick up and move it to wherever you might need a stylish accent.

Ainsley Sofa by Joybird

These adventurous shapes in seating paired with elements of Barbie’s classic femininity means Joybird has given all of us who grew up with Barbies a new gift in adulthood: we get to keep playing. Now, we can furnish our very own Dreamhouses.

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