Rainbow Chair by Patrick Norguet

Rainbow Chair by Patrick Norguet

Why are we all so drawn to rainbows? What is it about the colorful and semitransparent that calls to us? Because how quickly are we all to name a rainbow and point to its place in the sky? Rainbow Chair by Patrick Norguet for Cappellini is another such wonder. With a brilliant appearance and a mirror-like finish, this chair is made entirely out of multi-colored sheets of acrylic resin that are then bonded by ultrasound.

Side view of Rainbow Chair by Patrick Norguet for Cappellini

There is some wonderful backstory to this imaginative piece of furniture. Back in 1999, Rainbow Chair was part of the Paris Furniture Show. That’s where Giulio Cappellini, the founder and art director of his eponymous Italian furniture company, first took note of Norguet’s design. Cappellini was captivated by the chair’s psychedelic colors and their playful juxtaposition with such straight and sober lines. Cappellini went on to produce Rainbow Chair in 2000, and by 2001 the iconic seat had landed in MoMA’s permanent collection.

Rainbow Chair in situ

Inherent in his synthesis is Norguet’s fascination with industrial aspects of design. In the short film Capstories #7 – RAINBOW CHAIR – Patrick Norguet by Cappellini it’s easy to bear witness to Norguet’s artisan-like focus and the way he maximizes the interplay between technology and furniture design.  

Bright image of Rainbow Chair by French designer Patrick Norguet

What we find most striking about Rainbow Chair is the dispersion of light, the true effect of any good rainbow. The reds and pinks, greens and blues, oranges and yellows. Each color seems to brighten its environment. And equally as entertaining is the chair’s limitless glossy sheen.

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