Cradles by Hilton Carter

Cradles by Hilton Carter

The simplicity and beauty of nature is on display in the various handmade Cradles by Hilton Carter. This plant accessory from Carter’s Things by HC collection seems to be the most perfect vessel for propagating your favorite plant cuttings in style.

These design-inspired Cradles are handcrafted from maple or walnut in Baltimore, Maryland. Cradle options include single, double, or “quad” Cradles.

The Live Edge Osage Orange Quad Cradle, product image

The one-of-a-kind Live Edge Osage Orange Cradle (as seen above) features the real bark and edge of an osage orange tree that fell during a storm. Carter repurposes fallen trunks and limbs into these unique plant Cradles. All Cradles include their glass test tubes.

Each cradle features keyhole slots on the back for easy wall mounting. With many, a luminous plant wall comes to mind. Or, they can be freestanding.

The keyhole element of a plant Cradle

Propagation is a process that Carter says made him into the father, husband, and artist he is today. “The process taught me how to be more patient, a better listener, and how to become a nurturer.”

Designer Hilton Carter surrounded by plants

Nurture your own green thumb with these beautiful vessels and watch how a little water, sunshine, and time can bring forth new roots and new life.

A display of four plant Cradles by Hilton Carter

Once your cutting outgrows its Cradle and you need a larger vessel, check out the cool modular steel Kaskad Planters from Magnuson Group.

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