Rondo by Jonathan Adler

Rondo by Jonathan Adler

Circle back to Rondo Dining Chair, a new furniture piece in Jonathan Adler’s modern American glamour seating collection. Rondo comes in a warm Olympus Oatmeal bouclé or a light blue Tussah Sky upholstery.

Rondo by Jonathan Adler

Rondo is luxe and livable. The blackened steel holds a chic donut-shaped back, a cushion that manages to maintain its doughy shape between Rondo’s frame without ever giving off the appearance of being squished.

Rondo Dining Chair by Jonathan Adler in situ

The tips of Rondo’s frame have polished brass finials for an extra glint of glamour.

Three Rondo chairs around dining table in posh living room

The fitted seat cushion, just like the donut back, is also made of a warm and cozy oatmeal bouclé or the silky textural feel of Tussah Sky’s upholstery.

Rondo in Tussah Sky upholstery by Jonathan Adler

With its slender and quite modish frame, one might think Rondo cares more about looks than it does actual comfort, but reviews of those who have sat in Rondo are quite au contraire.

Two Rondos by Jonathan Adler, one on the table top

Almost everyone feels contented enough to include the word “comfortable” in their write-up.

“Surprisingly comfortable.”

“Stylish and comfortable.”

These chairs are comfortable and sturdy.”

Rondo Dining Chairs in situ

Rondo appears to be a choice seat for ballerinas, yogis, or anyone who happens to be practicing the piano because Rondo helps keep the spine straight. “Love the look and they help me maintain good sitting posture for hours at a time.”

Rondo Dining Chairs on opposite sides of a Brussels Buffet also by Jonathan Adler

Even the athletes among us give Rondo high marks.

“Very sturdy—even for a 6’6’’ football player!”

Rondo Bench in situ

Rondo is a chic seat with some serious “wow” factor. Rondo Bench is its triplicate, quite a statement-making piece in an elegant entryway or a total scene-stealer in a dining space.

As a texture, bouclé seems to be on the rise. Check out another bouclé seat, Flock by Noom, a finalist for this year’s NYCxDesign Award.

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