NYCxDesign 2024: Flock by Noom

NYCxDesign 2024: Flock by Noom

The fact that Flock by Noom is one of the finalists for this year’s NYCxDesign Award seems to say something about what we’re all craving these days: peace. Call it want you want. Peace and quiet. Alone time. Sanctuary. Rest. This lounge chair’s pleasing poetic lines are subtle and calming. Flock’s cozy and sculptural effect is just the right tone for finding a moment’s pause.

Flock Lounge Chair by Noom

By definition, flock means “to move or come together,” and the word’s etymology symbolizes what this chair is all about. Though, I can’t help but mention that upon first glance of Flock’s product image side-by-side with its product name, I thought this lounge chair was meant to be a creative iteration on a “flock” of sheep. I saw it, so I thought, quite clearly.

Flock Lounge Chair and Flock Ottoman by Noom

Set together in a living room or a lounge, I imagined a cluster of Flock Chairs like a literal flock of sheep. The Flock Ottoman was a little lamb staying close to its mom. Do you see it too? There they are grazing on a hillside, their heads lifted as they sense your approach. You’re close enough now to see their fleece and the cud circling in their mouth as they decide whether you are friend or foe.

Fabric images of Flock by Noom

The materials of Flock follow its function. Flock’s cozy cushions are made of natural materials that convey warmth and invite you to take a seat.

Flock by Noom in situ

There’s also a beloved quality to Flock that designer Kateryna Sokolova speaks about. (Perhaps that “beloved” quality is what I picked up on in terms of its animal personality?) “Subtly curved artistic silhouettes, soft fabric, and wooden legs define the furniture’s relaxation and cuteness. We wanted to create furniture that would become part of the family, intimate and beloved.”  

Flock by Noom in fabric option

This character-forward lounge chair is customizable. There are seven fabric options to choose from. You might consider Baloo Boucle or Azure Cotonneaux Faux Fur. The leg finishes come in four variations of ashwood colors.

Flock Lounge Chair by Noom

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