New Wallpaper by Patch NYC for Hygge & West

New Wallpaper by Patch NYC for Hygge & West

Designers and partners Don Carney and John Ross established PATCH NYC with a collection of hand-detailed hats: “Known for their attention to detail and unpredictable color palette, the brand has evolved into a lifestyle design studio creating original art, collections of home decor and fashion accessories.”

Fable wallpaper on bright green background detail

Their latest is a whimsical wallpaper collection that calls on the art and science of the fable. Comprised of different designs with background colors of blue, gray, green, pink, white, and yellow, each motif offers a surplus of detail and an enticing combination of vivid colors. The collection’s namesake design offers up the classic tale of the Rabbit and the Hare: “Fable” features rabbits frolicking among foliage with ostensibly slow-moving turtles heading in the opposite direction.

Fable emerald with table set with food in front

While Fable would be a fun design for a child’s room or a home library housing collections of well-thumbed fairy tales and children’s books, “Serpentine” sounds more of an ominous cautionary note. From Aesop’s Fables, this tale tells of a farmer who finds a snake lying stiff and cold. Taking pity on the creature, he takes it to his breast to warm it. When the snake revives, it bites the man who utters, with dying breath, “Learn from my fate not to take pity on a scoundrel.” 

Serpentine with curling snakes and picture of woman
Serpentine design with brown background and plush chair in red velvet

Lastly, “The Gentleman,” ideal for old-school drawing rooms and hazy pubs, features pipes with thick plumes of smoke curling from their bowls, harkening back to times when men wore velvet lounge jackets and puffed away as they nursed tumblers of bourbon or brandy—a knowing wink and a nod to antiquated rituals.

The Gentleman detail on pink background

Find the Fable Collection at boutique wallpaper and home goods brand Hygge and West. This company that “believes in the power of pattern to help people express themselves,” offers hand-screened wallpapers that are printed exclusively on American-made paper.

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