NeoCon 2024: Ethimo Outdoor Collection

NeoCon 2024: Ethimo Outdoor Collection

NeoCon may technically be over, but its spirit lasts all year long, as does the sheer number of products exhibited, giving us no shortage of stuff to write about! Like the sea-faring 2024 Outdoor Seating Collection by Ethimo, which graced passers-by with imagined outdoor repose on the seventh floor at 7-7078.

Costiera lounge chair in white

Designed by Christopher Pillet—and comprised of two separate lines, Baia and Costiera—the 2024 collection is all about the salty sea and those who favor its favors. To wit, “suggesting a open-air lifestyle philosophy that from dry land moves out to sea, the 2024 collection configures the boat as space for living without limits.

Baia sofa detail gray upholstery with thin black lines detail

Though there’s technically no boat involved here, both Costiera and Baia evoke nautical style and durability. These are highly tailored pieces inspired by finishes from the world of yachting that aim for a versatile modularity adaptable to all strategies for outdoor living.

Baia day bed on rocky outcropping near sea

While most users won’t go so far as to perch furniture on the edge of a water-bound igneous outcropping (Baia Daybed, above), the point is well made. Both Baia and Costiera offer large-cushioned, modular pieces that can be configured this way and that, “with soft cushions resting on a base bordered by a system of fabric-upholstered panels, all the upholstery is designed to perform in any outdoor context or situation and ensure that the furnishings preserve all their original beauty and function over time.”

Costiera sofa in tan/brown stripes view from above
The collection is comprised of over 20 pieces in all, with elements including lounge chairs, two-seater sofas, full-length sofas, daybeds, sunbeds, chaise longues, and back-end, central, and corner modules for voluminous seating arrangements that encourage lazing about in the sunny Mediterranean or just on a Chicago roof-top deck!
Costiera sofa tan modular curved arrangement
There’s even an accompanying lamp that strikes a handsome, linear silhouette alongside the seating for warm evenings when the lounging just doesn’t want to end.
Lounge chair with integrated lamp on poolside deck

Other elements include poufs and coffee tables, the latter featuring an elegant tabletop in Travertino Silver and structure in Aluminum-Carbon/Teak.

Baia daybed and Baia long table
Read more about Ethimo and listen to designer Christopher Pillet wax all things seafaring (in heavy Italian, albeit) here.

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