Omi Tahara’s Blendy Movie

Omi Tahara’s Blendy Movie

It feels like the season for films, doesn’t it? For what goes better with cold weather than a good flick from a comfy seat?

a handsome lounge chair viewed from the front with soft cushy white upholstery

Even though plenty of theaters now offer upgraded seating complete with mechanized recliners, integrated heat, and jumbo-sized cup holders, the most comfy place to watch remains the living room, especially if you’re lucky enough to know Omi Tahara’s Blendy Movie.

Blendy Movie side view

From the outside, Blendy Movie has the silhouette of a race car, with a streamlined profile and precise curves.

chair detail of leather upholstery and white textile upholstery

The sitting side, however, is all luxury, with comfy padding, posh pill fabric, and a spacious compartment beckoning you hence.

Two Blendy Movie chairs

Blendy Movie is from Boffi e DePadova. In addition to the classic A1 Tassili in Zucca above, they offer finishes in hundreds of different fabrics and colors, including Ecru’, Bianco, Grigio Scuro, Blu Tobacco, Ocra, and Cherry.

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